I want to sew our lips together


I want to speak your name when we kiss so

my breath will always be in your throat

and then,

you’ll never speak in a voice I don’t know,

never swallow a gift not mine,

and even when

you write her name on your bedroom window

the mist you make,

the fog you breathe,

will be mine.


Kill your politicians.

Let their blood dry and crust

and blanket the pieces

across the seas.

Let us walk together.

Shed no tears

and travel with peace in your feet

(water and rumbling

could ressurect the dead,

turn the blood into pink liquid

used to fill their champagne flutes).

Fill their skins with injustice.

Stuff and shove the bombs,

the lies, and the empty bottles

of power

into their shells

(empty like their eyes).

Kill your politicians.

So your children can sleep

so your soul isn’t heavy

so your arms don’t fight.

Hang them in the streets

with a banner overhead:



Weird that

your body only faces away from me when we sleep.

Strange that

I love you the most when I scream down the telephone.

Funny that

We can’t hold hands because my fingers are too small.

Sad that

One day I might not say your name anymore.

When I was 11 I wrote my love’s name in the shower

hearts and roses

fingers on mist

when I washed it away it appeared again.

And I worried every heart I had drawn

would come back to haunt me.

I’d pack my bags and forget to fold

all my secrets on every shower

I’d ever dreamt in.

And you’d know I loved you even when I didn’t.

So now

I just write your name

on the screen of my iphone.

When the tears and my make up

have formed a film

once we finish talking.

Love me like a car crash

that leaves stains on my clothes.

I want to see your reflection

in the veins in my wrists

I want to feel your love

on the back of my thighs.

Love me like your daddy’s funeral

blacken me like your coat.

I want to feel calm like

your footsteps on marble

and hateful

like your only photograph.

Love me like the winter months

curse me until I change.

I want to see you when I come home

to a porch light left on

I want to hear you

when the sun melts our chains away.

Have you ever tried to sleep with a twitcher?
I want to sew our bodies together
With kisses
So he stops trying to fly

I can feel my tiny box of silence

breathing with my smiles

remembering your face across the river

when I threw myself to you

and you whistled me away.

A feather in the water

I floated away

until another boy found me

and put me in a glass cage.

I have seen you so many times inside my head

and I have loved you so much I think my heart is dead.

But I have known you so few days

I think the world must really be flat -

the Devil at one end and God at the other.

I think your head is pulling me


off the road

so we are nowhere in this world

with no good or bad to go to,

just your lips on my breasts

or my hands on your head.

Tell me you’ll love me on my death bed

because feelings like this aren’t supposed to come quick.

When they burn this fast then the flames must stop

so if it stops burning,

turn me into ashes.

Because you’re a candle I want to cradle

to save from the wind -

I am fucking terrified that I will blow

your soul back onto that path to heaven or hell.

Kick you out of the cave I have hidden you in

this little box I marked:


The world won’t be kind

to someone who can shatter dreams into flowers

storms into showers

war into the most beautiful light.

I will not give up this fight.

You are so beautiful sometimes my eyes go straight to the little pockets of pain my fingernails press into your heart

and I want to kiss them with wet lips,

after I’ve cried and my tears have tickled my ears,

and I’ve forgotten that I yelled at you and made you walk up fifty flights of stairs while locked stationary in my car.

I want to love you

again and again and again

and I want to cry while I wonder how to tell you,

on top of the hill once I’ve beaten you to the rise and planted kisses on your knees

where you bent down

and begged me to forgive you

for making me feel this way about things other than the sunlight rippling through the trees

as old, but not nearly as wise, as love

(as what I feel for you)

It’s like death in a bright room,

all you can see is light.

I write you letters as I pretend to work,

every morning as I stare at your socks.

And when I’ve pretended to kiss you

(with knives in my teeth

god knows that’s how I treated you


I pass your lunch room on my way


and see you sitting there in your shirt

and your tie

(remember when you hung it around my neck)

unconsciously chewing the notes

I wrote earlier

(you pulled it tighter than I ever hugged you).

Tomorrow, I write

on the recyclables

(Jim from environmental

makes sure you know this)

you eat,


and suddenly,

your unconsciousness all makes sense.

I picked at my skin, bit by bit
(kiss kiss kiss
kiss kiss kiss)
I watched as I tore it
And it floated away
(I saw you catch it
with your fingertips)
and the blood ran
It was thick and strong
It trickled and dripped
All down my arm
(like when you face the sky
And your tears run down
Into your ears
And you giggle)
It curled at my fingertips
Formed cells and clots
Only to release
A heavier dose
(I saw you make words with it
On the sidewalk where it fell)
And I think some must have spilled
onto the windowsill,
Or thereabouts,
Because when I tried to catch the air
To retrieve the dreams I threw
(at you, that summer
when it rained)
I had blood on my shoes
as I fell on you
(thank goodness you never left me)

We’ll kill your sweetheart together, baby
Love her like you do, with a knife between your teeth
I’ll pull out her hair and feed it to the cats
give them a taste of what they can finish off next.
We’ll crush her and mould her
til she can’t scream, can’t run.
Pull her teeth til she smiles
We laugh
She cries
It’s done.
Snap her fingers darling,
Til they can grip your heart no more.
Pull her ears from their sockets
Place them on a tray,
Give them to me tomorrow
So I have your secrets, not her name.
such a macabre beauty
Such fearless games !
And as I stuff it all back inside her
We’ll laugh, I guess,
as I shove it back inside her,
And think how silly for her
To think she could love a man
I already claimed.

Sometimes I’d make him pray to me.

I’d sit him on my knee,

hold his shoulders and direct him

to treat me like he treated the God

whose void I’d never fill.

I gave him everything and the next.

Kisses were magic,

to me.

To him they were

explainable and ordinary,

just what his faith let him see.

And so I’d make him sit.

Sometimes, just lightly,

I’d dig my nails into his skin.

Pray to me, pray to me, pray to me,

show me I am more than what you need to live.

Tell me I




that you are to me.

Revere me, hate me, worship me,

let me rise above you.

I want you to feel me not in your heart,

but in a place in your body

that no one can explain.

Let me transcend science.

Write scripture of me,

let me kill you, make you shriek,

wreak havoc and have you sit,

quiet and alone,

with hands trembling from the beauty

of the divine,

as you talk to me.

Do unto me

as I do unto you.

Like him, I’ll be here

waiting for you.